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The ANSOB Center first opened its doors in 1996 as an affiliate of St. Rita’s Center in the Bronx. Its purpose was to address the needs of Bosnian refugees fleeing warfare and ethnic cleansing. For years, the ANSOB Center remained the only organization in New York City focusing on the needs of this highly traumatized population. At a time when the world seemed to have forgotten them, we became a safe haven for Bosnian refugees.

In February 2000, we achieved our own 501(c)(3) status and in the years since, have expanded our services to include refugees and immigrants from Africa, Asia, Europe and South and Central America. The Center continues to have a close connection with refugees, asylum recipients, and individuals from Iraq and Afghanistan who provided translation and support to the U.S. Military. We have the years of experience, expertise, and sensitivity necessary to help these populations as they begin to heal from the trauma of warfare, genocide, and political persecution.

We continue to be committed to treating all those who come through our doors with the dignity and respect they deserve. 


For more than 23 years, the ANSOB Center has been a trusted provider of refugee and immigrant services. We are located in Queens County, New York, the second most diverse county in all of the United States. Since our founding, we have successfully responded to the service and community needs of foreign-born individuals from more than 121 different countries. We have helped more than 10,000 immigrants, refugees, and asylees from underserved populations and with limited incomes attain and maintain self-sufficiency and achieve their goals and dreams.

Our doors are open to all immigrants regardless of age, gender, county of origin or immigration status.

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